The Last Reef 3D: Cities Beneath the Sea



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There are many cities.  Some are beneath the sea.
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Don a pair of 3D glasses and fly across iridescent tropical reefs, brush through a cloud of a thousand jellyfish, visit an alien world where the tiniest creatures support the greatest predators. The Last Reef will take you on a breathtaking journey to these cities beneath the sea, which are as vital to life on Earth as the rain forests. Experience a thrilling underwater journey through the world’s reef ecosystems that uses unprecedented macro 3D cinematography to bring the teeming world of coral reefs to life in the Academy’s Forum Theater, and consider what it would mean if one of these wonderlands were to become the last reef, a very real danger being faced today.

"The Last Reef" takes us on a global journey to explore our connection with the ocean’s complex, parallel worlds. New underwater 3D technology takes us into the heart of the reef, revealing a habitat more diverse and more colorful than you ever imagined…
Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 11:00
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NOTE: this entry was created by Tyler Sterkel 10/7/13 to account for the cancelation of the 10/8 3pm & 4pm shows. Running daily, June 28-Nov 26, 2013, hourly from 11am-4pm, tagged for "Built for Speed" & "Healthy Oceans, Healthy You"