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Committed to exploration, innovation, and education, the Friends of the Academy community provides crucial support for the Academy’s mission and programs.

Friends of the Academy

Generous Friends of the Academy enable us to explore, explain, and sustain life in all its beauty, complexity, and fragility. For that great gift, we extend our sincere thanks.

Scientists ($5,000 and above)

​Bridgett Luther and Tim Ahern
​Joy and Jonathan Alferness
​Richard C. Barker
​Cori and Tony Bates
​Olive Bavins
​Lance Berc
​Susan and Frederick Bianucci
​Terry and Peter Boyer
​Kelly and Samuel Bronfman
​Victoire Reynal Brown and Owsley Brown
​Gay Callan
​Stacey Case
​Melissa and Timothy Coats
​Fannie Allen and George W. Cogan
​Martha Ehmann Conte
​Emily Johnson and Bradley DeFoor
​Natasha and David Dolby
​Vicki and Jeff Edwards
Morteza Ejabat
Josh Elkes

Mary Escalle
​Renata Gasperi and Donald Frediani
Marcia and John Goldman
Marcia Grand
​Shand and William Green
Jane and Jonathan Wyatt Gruber
​Julia and Kevin Hartz
​Pam Hawkins
​Helen and Robert Heller
​Melanie and Kurt Hoefer
​Leslie and George Hume
​Roslyn and Donald Kahn
​Nancy Thompson and Andrew Kerr
​Christine and Eugene Kim
​Sheila and Michael Lagios
​Jeanne and Bill Landreth
​Sonya Yu and Zachary Lara
​Randall Laroche and David Laudon
​Nellie and Max Levchin
​Rebecca and Alfred Lin
​Thomas Lippman
Edmund W. Littlefield, Jr.
Sharon Long

Chris and Stan Mattison
Michael McGee
Ian McNish
Jessica and Jason Moment
Eleanor Boone Najjar
​Julie Packard
Barbara Hibino and Carl Page
Pease Family Fund
​Grace Perkins
​Kristina Phipps and George D. Phipps
​Julie and Joseph Ratner
​Amy and Gordon Ritter
B.T. Rocca, Jr. Fund
​Cyrena Simons and Marcus Ryu
​Susan and Michael Schwartz
​Maria Seferian
​Shally and Naresh Shanker
​June and John Sullivan
​Roselyne Swig
​Katharine Wallace Thompson
​Catherine and Michael Topham
​Barbara and Stephan Vermut
​Bob and Judy Waterman
​John Weeden
​Verna White
​Shannon and Dennis Wong
​Margaret and Martin Zankel

Curators ($2,500 and above)

Anonymous (5)
Susan and Sig Anderman
​Terri Arington
​Therese and David Arsenault
​Julie and Tom Atwood
​James R. and Jane M. Bancroft
David Banuelos
​Bertha and Debasis Baral
​Nancy and Joachim Bechtle
​Cynthia Hill and Steven Beckendorf
​Stuart Berkowitz
​Loraine and Robert Berry
​Kamala and David Berry
​Barbara Bessey
​Olivia Sears and Craig Bicknell
​Marissa Mayer and Zachary Bogue
​Josephine Brownback
​Debra Dout and David Burns
​Ian Picache and Patricia Calfee
​Linda and Marc Carrasco
​Christina Carroll
​Kay Cassens
​Amy and Frank Caufield
​Robert M. Chin
​Katherine Harbin and Adam Clammer
​Stanley and Joanna Cohen
​LaVaughn and Theodore Craig
​Holly and Michael Cuggino
​Arville and Bert Damner
​Michele Dana
​Kirby Walker and Paul Danielsen
​Julia and Jim Davidson
​Jill Cowan and Stephen Davis
​Shandy Hauk and Mark Davis
​Adoree and David Diaz
​Sarah and Jason DiLullo
​Manuel Alcantara Donesa Jr. and Louie Alcantara Donesa
​Phyllis and William Draper
​Jessica and Michael Eisler
​Sarah and David Epstein
​Helene Ettelson
​Joan and Evan Evans, III
​Sandra Donnell and Justin Faggioli
​Concepción and Irwin Federman
​Camilla and Matt Field
​Mary and Tom Foote
​Amy Windmueller and Mark Frank
​Tiffany Friedman
​Laura and John Furstenthal
​Sarah and Joseph Gallo

​Helen Gan
​Michelle and Rich Gillern
​Erin Brooks and Todd Gottula
​Les Silverman and Irvin Govan
​Lori Grace
​Beth and Brian Grossman
​Catherine Kennedy and Daniel Grossman
​Gillian and John Growdon
​Cynthia Grubb
​Genevieve and Jay Gudebski
​Lauren Hall and David Hearth
​Elizabeth and Jonathan Hamren
​Katherine Fines and Henry Heines
​Lance Holman
​Jenny Buchanan and Daniel Houk
​Gregory Hyde
​Prabha and Mohamed Ibrahim
​Diane Ichiyasu
​Liz Hume and Jay Jacobs
​Barbara and Carl Jacobson
​Betty K. Jensen
​Elizabeth Johnson and Don James
​Stanley H. Judd
​Donna and Don Kelleher
​Kenneth Kelsen
​Meridee Moore and Kevin King
​Kathryn Kelly and Thomas Klein
​Linda Griffith and Paul Korntheuer
​Saori and Takashi Kousaka
​Kelsey and David Lamond
​Angela and Jerry Lee
​Natalie and Matthew Leopold
​Sandra and Ronald Linder
​Robert Carr and Andrea LoPinto
​Mimi and Charles Lowrey
​Melissa Ma
​Halina Marcinkowski and Neil Macphail
​Mona Maitra and Sharad Mangalick
​Marnie and Karol Marcin
​Segundo Mateo
​Alison and Mike Mauze
​Sarah Pankratz and James McCarthy
​Bobbie McChristy
​Charlotte and John McConkie
​The McElwee Family
​Patricia McEveney
​Shayla and James McGuire
​Janet McKinley and George Miller
Steven Merrill

Satomi and Roger Miles
​Scott Moran
​Ana Henderson and Rand Morimoto
​John Nelson
​James Hormel and Michael Nguyen
​Diane Ososke
​Virginia and Alan Pabst
​Katie Schwab Paige and Matthew Paige
​Lara Fuentes and Geoffrey Papilion
​Julie and William Parish
​Gary Demyen and Leslie Partridge
​Erica Pearson and David Samra
​Anjali and Sundar Pichai
​Vicki Friedberg and William Pollock
​Lindsay Ramsay
​Robin and Arthur Rangel
​The Rishel Family
​Jeanne and Sandy Robertson
​Barbara and Richard Rosenberg
​Elese and James Rundel
​Caroline Emmett and Russell Rydel
​Laureen and Robert Schiller
​Andrea Schultz
​Eric Schwartz
​Nancy Bush and Emil Scoffone
​Ruth Seiler
​A. Horton Shapiro
​Clare Sias
​Judith and Kenneth Siebel
​Colleen and John Silcox
​Holly Hagens and Todd Sisitsky
​Joyce and Jim Smith
​Anne Fung and Jeffrey Sternberg
​Livia and Biz Stone
​Sarah Chandler and Matt Theobald
​Alana and David Trujillo
​Martin Vanderlaan
​Beth and Tom Volpe
​Deborah and Jeffrey Weber
​James Whitlock
​Teresa and Neil Williams
​Sara and Evan Williams
​Sharon and Clark Winslow
​Anne Wojcicki
​Linda and King Won
​Sheila and Jerry Wroblewski
​Karl Schultz and Ryan Wyatt
​Phillip Yang
​Diana Laird and David Zapol
​Jane and Mark Zuercher
​Jean Phillips and Edward Zuk

Explorers ($1,000 and above)

Anonymous (15)
Mabel and Daniel Abellera
​Judy Ackerhalt
​Jodi and Ryan Acuna
​Elizabeth and James Adams
Maureen Aggeler
​Alka and Ravin Agrawal
​Chris Alafi
​Claire and Eric Alt
​Julie Lee and Mark Amman
​Madeleine Burkhart and Andrew Anagnost
​Dean Anderson
​Nancy Kivelson and Thomas Angstadt
​Wendy and Benton Armstrong
​Barbara Arnstein
​Mary Ann Aronson
​Tina and Andrew Atherton
​Katherine Dowling and Marc Axelbaum
​Teresa and Joel Backman
​Anna Bagniewska
​Brynn and John Bailey
​Leslie and Nathan Bailiff
​Debbie and Paul Baker
​Marian and Hans Baldauf
​Gina and Geoffrey Baldwin
​Jill Spangenberg and Jerome Barakos
​Melissa and Patrick Barber
​Victoria and Philippe Barret
​Lorraine Barry
​Johanna and Thomas Baruch
​Jeanne and William Barulich
​Anne and Darin Bassin
​Amy Ng and Jason Bau
​Heather and James Beal
​Janny Beale
​David Becker
​Kristina Becker
​Lily and Tom Beischer
​Ava Lee and David Bellshaw
​Rebecca Schuett and Craig Benson
​Riva and David Berelson
​Mrs. Joseph I. Bernstein
​JoAnn and Jack Bertges
​Benjamin Bessert
​Sandra and Paul Bessieres
​Jacqueline Martin and Mark Biglieri
​Mary and Larry Birenbaum
​Alexandra and David Bizer
​Marge and H. Terrence Blaine
​Carol Block
​Dyan Triffo and Douglas Boake
​Jennifer Fetner-Booth and Adrian Booth
​Renie Hippler and Dominic Bordachar
​Roberta Borgonovo
​Jennifer Hamilton and Seth Boro
​Sydne and Allan Bortel
​Carrie and Michael Bostock
​Christina and Joseph Bou-Saba
​Junona Jonas and Bruce Bowen
​Humar and Thesia Bowo
​Ellen and Andrew Bradley
​Marianne and Donald Bradley
​Jennifer and Ray Braun
​Marilyn Brennan
​Ardis and Alfred Breslauer
​Girija and Larry Brilliant
​Robin and Caroline Brinckerhoff
​Jackie and Kenneth Broad
​Sherrill Lybrook and Onne Broek
​Alison and Owen Brown
​Emily and Eric Brown
​Lynn Wardley and Donald Brown
​Barbara Bryant
​Robyn Buckingham
Jody Buckley
​Johanna Merriss and Peter Bulkley
​Sherri and Jed Bullard
​Sherri and Brian Bunger
​John Buoymaster
​Jon Burgstone and Tom Bruett
​Judith and Lawrence Byers
​Gabriela Camara
​Shirley and Patrick Campbell
​Frances Campra
​Halle and Casey Cane
​Lycia Carmody
​Sue and Richard Carson
​Susan and Todd Carter
​Jeanie and Michael Casey
​Susan and Ed Catmull
​Tantek Celik
​Julie Chaiken
​Tracy Sjogreen and Najet Chakir-Canning
​Joanne Chan and James Kramer
​Alison Chaput
​Susan Lee Char and Danton Char
​Susan Austin and Michael Charlson
​Richard Cheng
​Sylvia Chesson and David Chick
​Mayme Chinn
​Jennifer Chrisman
​Karen Christensen
​Pia Deleon-Chuang and William Chuang
​Cecilia Chung
​Jillian and Donald Clark
​Holly Tate and Scott Clark
​William Clemens
​William Clevenger
​Kristi and David Clover
​Annelle Clute
​Lisa Erburu and Mark Cocalis
​Meriko Borogove and Patrick Coffman
​Cara Colgate and Chris Conley
​Elizabeth Widman and Daniel Coming
​Jean Conner
​Nancy and Edward Conner
​Jessie and A.Crawford Cooley
​Tracy Kirkham and Josef Cooper
​Bill Cope
​Larissa Roesch and Jason Crethar
​Christine Crocker
​Deborah Maxwell and Charles Cronce
​Barbara and Michael Cronin
​Rosario and Antonio Cucalon
​Barbara and James Curry
​Victoria and Rick Dade
​Christina Sinohui and Michael Dahlman
​Lisa Danzig
​Angela Dao
​Sonja and Bill Davidow
​Sheila Lee and Jonathan Davies
​Maryon Davies Lewis
​Lucy and Michael De Anda
​Amy De Rouvray
​Cathy and Sandy Dean
​Tina and Ronald DeCloux
​Courtney and Owen Dehoff
​Joan and Allen Dekelboum
​H. Louis Detjen, Jr.
Linda Tan and Dhananjay Dixit
​Joyce Dixon
​Robert Dockendorff
​Thao and Jerome Dodson
​Isabelle Dokouzian
​Kristin Klein and William Donahoe
​Carol Donohoe
​Donohue Family Foundation
Jean Ann and James Douglas
​Lee and Daniel Drake
​Jennifer and Matias Duarte
​Joyce Dubay
​Susan Dugger-Mathison
​Mikila and Connor Duke
​Elizabeth Dye
​Diana and Albert Edgerton
​Allison Eisenhardt
​Nancy Elenberger and Dennis Goldstein
​Vickie Desofi and Greg Endom
​Anna Zara and Robert English
​Claudia and Ray Enos
​David and Charlotte Epstein
​Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
​Genevieve Klyce and Zach Ewen
​Catherine Tai and Sharif Ezzat
​Joyce and John Feeney
​Melissa and Andrew Felder
​Laurie Poston and Brian Ferrall
​Karin Fetherston
​Marsha Cohen and Robert Feyer
​Mary Fiechter
​David Fields
​April and Robert Filer
​Jeanne and Frank Fischer
​Courtney Benoist and Jason Fish
​Kay and Bob Fisher
​Linda Jo Fitz
​Dan and Jeff Flanagan
​Francoise Fleishhacker
​Jill and Norman Fogelsong
​Andrea and Jonathan Foley
​Jennifer Fonstad
​Lauren and Jamie Ford
​Marilyn and William Forni
​Marilyn Forni
​Jessica and Alejandro Foung
​Wendy and William Fox
​Gretchen Frank
​Myrna and Thomas Frankel
​Keehae Park and Kevin Franklin
​Josephine and Brian Freckmann
​Kathryn Retzer Freeman
​Phyllis Friedman
​Susan and Marvin Friedman
​Andrea Froncillo
​Catherine and Matthew Frymier
​Maria Luisa and Matthew Fuller
​Elizabeth Pang Fullerton and Richard Fullerton
​Joanna and Philip Gadd
Susan and Robert Gadomski
Shelley Marks and Erik Gaensler
​Ryan Gallaher
Mary Gallo

Abigail Turin and Jonathan Gans
​Bella and Eben Garnett
Luis Gavino
Juliet Gee and Marilyn Gee-Cartwright
Mariela Gerstein
Vanessa and William Getty
​Jeannie Giacchino
Mary Lynn and James Gibbons
Amardeep and Raminder Gill
​Jon Gillespie
Mary and Clinton Gilliland
​Kay and Kenneth Gobalet
Nancy G. Goebner
Marcia and Rick Gold
Emily Goldberg
Susan Valeriote and Ken Goldman
Barbara Goldstein
Enid and Ronald Goodman
Hon Mai and Joseph Goodman
Patricia and Mark Goodman
​Olga Perkovic and David Goodstein
Ralph Gootee
Jessie and Thomas Gordon
​Kristin and Peter Gordon
Tiffany Townsend and Peter Gorenberg
Mary Walsh-Gorski and Steve Gorski
Elana and Josh Gralapp
Marjory Graue
Kirsten and Michael Green
Barbara and John Greenberg
Donald Gregory, Jr.
Gary Grethel
Megan Gridley
Mina and Michael Gridley
​​Wheeler and Millen Griffith
Gruber Family Foundation
Phyllis and John Gurney
​Sandra Haddad
​Anthia L. and Charles E. Halfmann
​Ross Gillfillan and Jeremiah Hall
Halper Family
​Alicia and Philip Hammarskjold
​Robin and Kenneth Hammerman
​Virginia Hammerness
​Katherine and James Hansen
​Karen and Rick Hargrove
​Marilyn and Rennick Harris
​Cynthia Loukides and Paul Harrison
​Heather Tarantino and Commissioner Thomas Harrison
​Yvonne Valiquette and Donald Harrison
​Janet O'Brien and Craig Hartman
​Naureen Hassan
​Elena Benvenuti and Arian Hatefi
​Joanna and Remy Hathaway
​Jill Goldring and Marc Haugen
​James Heagy
​Sarah and John Hebda
​Amanda Weitman and Christopher Heffelfinger
​Noreen and James Helvie
​Julie and Michael Hennessey
​Rachel and Jeffrey Hess
​Quinn Higgins
​Sarah Wigglesworth and Asiff Hirji
​Dorian and Peter Hirth
​Kristin Hite and Jack Hanshaw
​Mysi and Tuan Hoang
​Deirdre and Christopher Hockett
​Irene Holmes
​Ajanta and Chris Horan
​Robert S. Horen
​Michael Horwitz
​Shu Hsu
​Nora Gibson and William Hudson
​Michelle and Justin Hughes
​Roxane and J. George Hume
​Ann and John Iannuccillo
​Margaret and Robert Ippolito
​Leslie Andelin and Barbara Iungano
​Tracy and Todd Iverson
​Aditi Iyer
​Rebecca and Lee Jackrel
​Jacqueline and Donald Jacobberger
​Ijaz Jamall
​Bradley and Christopher James
​Noelle Montgomery and Dan Janney
​Kathleen and Ted Janus
​Law Offices of Ayanna Jenkins-Toney
​Michaela Fitzgerald and Pamela Jesse
​Brenda Jewett and George Jewett III
​Safeer Jiwan
​Rohit Jnagel
​Katharine Johnson
​E. Richard Jones Family Foundation
​Morgan Jones
​Elisabeth and Thomas Jones
​Helen Kahn
​Shannon Bennett and Durrell Kapan
​Louise Karr
​Barbara and Ron Kaufman
​Debra Janowski and Umesh Kaushal
​Margaret and Edmond Kavounas
​Deborah and Scott Kay
​Allison and Christopher Keegan
​Hannah and Bianca Kellogg
​Kristen and James Kelly
​Esther Kerster
​Terry and Robert Keyes
​Regina Phelps and Dave Kieffer
​Letitia Todd and Michael Kim
​Maryann Kirchner
​Amanda Kirkwood
​Elizabeth Kladuson
​Kendra Klang and RD Kearn
​Carolyn and Andrew Klein
​Brian Kliment
​Kathleen Bole and Paul Klingenstein
​Monique and Martin Kobinger
​Jan and Melissa Koerner
​Ina and Michael Korek
​Virginia and Leo Koulos
​Martha Kropf
​Catherine and Evan Krow
​Eden Kua
​Meghen and Ken Kurtzig
​Karen and Robert Kustel
​Hardeep and Sandeep Lalli
​An Lam
​Ranee Lan
​Supada Homnuan and Christopher Lane
​Sue and Roger Lang
​Sara Chenault and Edward Lang
​Claire Hudson and Jeff Lanza
​Tina Cole and Mark Larson
​Eileen and Jude Laspa
​Lily Li and Cary Lee
​Ching Lee and Dwight Lovelace
​Tabitha and Joseph Lee
​Kelli Nakamura and Eric Lee
​Jocelyn Tom and John Lee
​Jack Leibman
​Jeanne and Henri Lese
​Fred M. Levin and Nancy Livingston, The Shenson Foundation
​Marisa Liao
​Sara Flynn and Don Libbey
​Barbara and Paul Licht
​Dr. and Mrs. William Z. Lidicker, Jr.
Anthony Lineberry
​Dr. Lawrence S. Lipkind
​Lois Lippincott
​Melinda Lojo
​The B&M Lovemate Trust
​Michael J. Bennett and Luke M. Lowery
​Carrie and Ronald Ludwig
​Patricia and James Ludwig
​Karen Pell and Heather Lupa
​Rebecca Prowda and Daniel Lurie
​Taylor Lyen
​Margaret and Kevin Lynch
​Kimberly Mahood and Peter Lyu
​Kristin and David MacKnight
​Alexandria and Kevin Marchetti
​Sharon and Michael Marron
​In Memory of Zelma and Floyd Woods and of Betty and Mel Martin
​Candyce Martin
​Showing On and Micah Mason
​Lucia Matzger
​Jason and Linda May
​Sarah and Michael Mayer
​Karin and Gregory McClune
​Regina McConahay
​Kathryn and Steven McCormick
​Pamela and John McCosker
​Ellen and Harold McElhinny
​Kar Yee Fransham and Brian McGee
​Marie and William McGlashan
​Margaret Johnson and Josh McHugh
​Martha Ehrenfeld and Carla McKay
​Renee and Michael McKenna
​Amy and Andrew McKnight
​Meg and Stu McLaughlin
​Paige Van Ness and Brent McMicking
​Celeste and Anthony Meier
​Agnés and Alan Mendelson
​Gail and Ronald Miller
​Nancy Milliken
​Emily and Michael Millman
​Myrna and Hyman Mitchner
​John Monteverdi
​Sherry Gulmon and Harold Mooney
​Margaret and William Moorhouse
​Ronald Moore

Maura and Robert Morey
​Anna and G. Mason Morfit
Mervin Morris
Sharon and Jeffrey Morris
Christine and Michael Murray
Janet Napolitano
Maria Gencheva and Arun Narayanan
Melissa and Karr Narula
Cynthia and Henry Nattrass​
​Linda Nevin and Eric Keisman
Nancy and William Newmeyer
Susan and Warden Noble
Danielle and Justin Nunez
Anne and Standish O'Grady
William Olds
Michael Booth and Mike Oliva
​Leslie and Scott Olrich
Elizabeth and Damian Ornani
​Allison Oseth
Stephanie and Peter Oshman
Barbara and John Osterweis
Judy and Michael Overfield
Priya Pai
Wendy and Frederick Parkin
Kalpana and Dipak Patel
Virginia and Dave Pell
​Francesco Penati
JaMel and Thomas Perkins
Laura and Gregg Perloff
Annette Ferne
Perry ​Mauree
Jane and Mark Perry
Caryl and Roland Petersen
Patrica Peper and Roger Phillips
Phillip D. Phythian
Laura Edeen and Michael Plitkins
Cynthia and Randall Pond
Donys and Robert Powell
Mary and Ralph Prevo
Karen and William Prezant
Regan Pritzker and Christopher Olin
Susan Pritzker ​Genevieve Prlain
Veronica and Wojciech Pulawski
Rose Puntillo
Diana Montgomery and Preston Raisin
Krista Ramonas and Gordon Rubenstein
Kathy Fields-Rayant and Garry Rayant
Belena Stanford and Eric Reading
Sandy and Scott Rechtschaffen
Wendy Reicher
Janie Rempel
Elizabeth and Robert Reniers
Dianna Rice
Julie and Christopher Ridley
Elizabeth and Kurt Rieke
Anne and Richard Riley
Helen Ripple
Jenny and Gerald Risk
Jeanette and Edward Roach
Nicole Roberts
Beth and Stephen Robie
Jean Robinson
Julie and Donald Rocap
Luiz Rocha
Alicia and Michael Rockefeller
Candace Cavanaugh and Mario Rodighiero
Frederick Roeber
Shelagh and Thomas Rohlen
True Liberty Bags
Nari Chong and Christopher Rolletta
JoAnn and Lawson Rollins
Fran Rominger
Traci and Dezz Ropp
Judy-Ann and Antti-Veikko
Rosti ​Lois and Arthur Roth
Michael Rothrock
Cynthia and James Row
Krista Ramonas and Gordon Rubenstein
Yvette Lanza and David Sacarelos
Cynthia Lund and Richard Saffir
Ladan and Namdar Saleh
Reuben Sandler
​Marilyn Liang and Curtis Sanford
Catherine Sanger
Daniella Sangster
Amy and Paul Satchell
Julia Ward and Adam Savage
Lisa and Philip Sawyer
Dorothy McMath and Peter Lothar Schmidt
Jill Robertson and Jason Schulte
​Erica and Bryan Schultz
​Suzanne and William Schutte
​Stacey and Anderson Scott
​Judith and John Sears
​Beatie and Mike Seidenberg
​Mrs. Edwin A. Seipp, Jr.
Karly Seitzer
​Karine and Tanguy Serra
​Sylvia Seufferlein
​Diane and Carl Shannon
​Susan Shapira
Amy Eskin and Mitchell Shapson
​Andrea and David Shearn
​Barbara Shell
​Kathy and Bart Shepherd
​Raymond Shone
​Yvonne Don and Richard Shrieve
​Carol Gayo and Shane Sigler
​Camelia and Gregory Skikos
​Emily Adams and Brian Slingerland
​Danna and Alexander Slusky
​Steve Smart
​Molly and Wesley Smith
​Margaret and William Snape
​Catherine Allman and Glenn Snyder
​Judith and Gary Sorgen
​Katharine and William Sparling
​Elizabeth and Jeffrey Spaulding
​Laura and Greg Spivy
​Katherine Copic and Daniel Spoonhower
​Colby Springer
​Judith and Jerry Steenhoven
​Jenny and William Stegall
​Vera and Harold Stein Jr.
Tania and Michael Stepanian
​Amanda and P. Bart Stephens
​W. Bradford Stephens
​Mary Murphy and Mark Stevens
​Diana and Doug Stewart
​Jo Ann Stewart
​Eric Stinson
​Earl Stokes
​Marcia Kimes and Tracy Storer
​Blossom Strong
​Joshua Summit
​Judge John A. Sutro Jr.
Rose Heide and Gary Sweet
​Katie Givens and Kevin Swift
​Hans and Christy Swildens
​Polly Tam and Hsien-Chung Woo
​Susan Tamagni
​Pearl Tang Tanaka and Kevin Tanaka
​Colleen and Geoff Tate
​Felicia Chiu and Luke Teeple
​Jennifer and D.B. Temple
​Brittmarie Thorner
​Jeremy Thorner
​Henry Timnick
​Aleksandar Totic
​Thien Tran
​Ming Tse
​Priscilla and W. Sloan Upton
​Suzanne and Eugene Valla
​Margaret Sullivan and William Van Dyk
​Jennifer and Brian Van Klompenberg
​Jennifer Ball and Michael Varney
​Edith and Geerat Vermeij
​Aaron and Adriana Vermut
​Raymond Moczulski and Joseph Vierra
​Sanne and Chad Viggiano
​Paul Violich
​Janet and Christian von Doepp
​Lorraine Voskanian
​Molly and David Wadhwani
​Leslie and Harvey Wagner
​Lisa Maitland and Michael Wais
​Marvalee and David Wake
​Emily and Greg Waldorf
​Lindsey Walker
​Danielle and Brooks Walker, Jr.
Diane and William Wara
​Diane and Christopher Wassman
​Tohru Watanabe
​Delcey and Harlan Watkins
​Carol Boggs and Ward Watt
​Teri Kil and Trevor Watt
​Willene and Paul Wattis, Jr.
Priscilla Hung Weber and Geoffrey Weber
​Susan and Nathan Weems
​Leigha and Eli Weinberg
​Virginia Welsh
​Michele Wen
​Lynn and Peter Wendell
​Nonie Greene and Todd Werby
​Gloria Wesenberg
​Jan and Herbert West
​Mark and Brigitta Whiting
​Jennifer and R. Sanders Williams
​Leslie Williams
​Martha Williams
​Bobbie and Michael Wilsey
​Kelly and Peter Wilson
​Beth and James Wintersteen
​Polly and Ward Wolff
​Tina and Gary Wolk
​Jack K. Wong
​Allison and Alexander Wong
​John W. Wong
​Sharon and Russell Woo
​Anne Robinson Woods and Montgomery Woods
​Patty and Kirke Wrench
​Sara E. Janzen and Yan Wu
​Hiromi Kakiuchi and Roy Wu
​Jo Wunderlich
​David Yu
​Alessandra Zarate-Sanderlin
​Lily Zheng
​Amy and Ted Zook

Reflects highest total giving in either 2015 or 2016

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Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report

At the California Academy of Sciences, fiscal year 2016 was an exciting year—365 days that shaped thousands of perspectives on the nature and future of life of Earth. Explore our Annual Report to learn more.