School and youth groups are required to bring an appropriate number of adults to guide students through the Academy. Remember, chaperones will have fun, too!

Adult to Student Ratios

Please refer to the following chaperone ratios depending on the age of your group. Adults within these limits attend at discounted school and youth group rates.

Minimum: 1 adult per 8 students
Maximum: 1 adult per 2 students

Minimum: 1 adult per 8 students
Maximum: 1 adult per 4 students

High School
Minimum: 1 adult per 15 students
Maximum: 1 adult per 4 students

The Academy works hard to accommodate students with special needs; if your group has a valid reason for requiring additional adult chaperones at field trip rates, please indicate as much in your application.


Extra Adults

You may bring more chaperones if you've exceeded the maximum listed above for your age group. However, you must pay the full admission price per extra adult.

On the school and youth group applications, you will have the option of paying full price in advance for extra chaperones, which will add these admission tickets to the order, for payment by your school or organization. Advance purchase is convenient, as there may be a line at the Box Office on the day of your visit.


Academy Members

Member benefits for individuals or families do not apply to field trips, as these orders are taken on behalf of the school or organization itself. You must reserve a space for any adult Members attending with your group, and pay any associated admission fees.



Preparing Your Chaperones

  1. Share your contact information and your timeline for the day with all adults.
  2. Download and print our Chaperone Guide for ideas on how to facilitate student learning! The Chaperone Guide contains copies in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  3. Remind adults that quiet voices and soft steps will improve your experience in the Rainforest, as calm visitors help birds and frogs come out of hiding.
  4. Should you be attending a Planetarium show, be sure to distribute adults between students to monitor behavior in the dome.

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We anticipate welcoming schools on field trips in fall 2021, with the application opening up in August.

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