Chef Ghazwan Alsharif outside the Academy's Terrace Restaurant

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Executive Chef Ghazwan Alsharif or “Chef G,” discovered his love of cooking as a child, spending countless memorable hours in the kitchen with his grandmother. Early in life, Chef G made the decision to place his passion for art and food on hold to join the U.S. Army, serving as a translator for a number of years.

In 2008, Chef G moved to America and immediately embraced his draw to the culinary world. Specializing in international cuisine with a Mediterranean influence, his dishes reflect his own style and creativity. Since beginning on this path, he has successfully managed high-volume kitchens around the Bay Area including at Google, Twitter, Stanford University, and Johnson & Johnson. Chef G also pays it forward by participating in fundraisers like Project Open Hand, the International Rescue Committee, and Rise Against Hunger.

Chef G has appeared on the Food Network, and has a documentary about his journey and career called “From Baghdad to the Bay.”

Visit the Academy Cafe or Terrace Restaurant and try some of Chef G’s culinary creations today!