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We are adventurous, collaborative, and dedicated to exploring important scientific questions about the nature and sustainability of life on Earth. Together we will create platinum-level experiences, develop innovative approaches to the most pressing issues of our time, and enjoy a fun and inclusive environment. 

Our Commitment to You and the Environment

Career Training
We have regular in house-trainings to build your leadership, management, and strategic-planning skills. We also offer software trainings, special customer Platinum Services trainings, and presentations on balancing your career and wellbeing.

Academy 101
An exciting week-long orientation program where employees learn all about the Academy past, present, and future—and get a multi-faceted, insider's view of the organization through behind-the-scenes tours and engaging activities.

We are the worlds first “Double Platinum” museum, committed to energy efficiency, reducing our carbon footprint, and preserving our natural world. Ninety-nine percent of our electricity comes from clean energy sources and 98 percent of work spaces have natural light from Golden Gate Park.

Community Involvement
​Join a staff-run group such as the Staff Advisory Council or Toastmasters for rewarding opportunities for Academy community involvement.

Benefits and Perks

The Academy offers a comprehensive benefits package that supports employees in their efforts to manage major priorities like health care, wellness, retirement planning, and financial security for themselves and families.

Health and Wellness Programs

Being in Golden Gate Park, we are surrounded by fresh air, beautiful trails to hike or bike, and countless other outdoor opportunities. We offer on-site massage therapy, yoga classes, ergonomic evaluation, fitness-center discounts, and brown-bag sessions on a variety of health and wellness topics.

Academy Discounts

Employees receive full-year individual and family memberships as well as discounts on behind-the-scenes tours, NightLife events, and Academy store and café purchases.

Commuter Program

Employees receive a monthly subsidy or extra paid vacation by greening their commute through public transit, carpools, cycling, or walking.

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Job Listings with our Academy Partners

Café and Terrace Positions
To apply for jobs in our Café and Terrace Restaurant, please email your resume directly to the Academy Restaurants.

The Terrace restaurant

Volunteering at the Academy

Volunteering at the Academy

Prospective volunteers, we offer a wide range of opportunities to match nearly any interest, whether your preference is helping visitors to explore our exhibits, preparing specimens in our research collections, or caring for our aquarium tanks.