Dr. Zeray Alemeseged in the field in Ethiopia

The Department of Anthropology actively undertakes multiple projects related to hominin evolution, paleoenvironment and paleoecology. Most of these projects are based on materials uncovered in Ethiopia by the Dikika Research Project (DRP). Current projects include:

  • Comparative and metric approaches to ontogeny in early hominins
  • CT analysis of Australopithecus afarensis remains and early hominin evolution
  • Early hominin pelvis and locomotion and in Australopithecus afarensis
  • Variation and dimorphism in early hominin crania
  • Synthesis of early hominin paleoenvironment and paleoecology
  • Comparative study of cercopithecids and implication for hominin evolution

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The Dikika Research Project

The Dikika Research Project (DRP) is a multidisciplinary endeavor that seeks to address key evolutionary questions pertaining to various aspects of the paleobiology of early hominins (early human ancestors) – as well as their culture and environments over the past ca. 4.0 million years.

Related Publications

DRP team members have produced a plethora of publications based on their findings at Dikika. To view publications by Academy Research Associate Dr. Zeray Alemseged and colleagues, visit the Anthropology Publications page.