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  • Art + Science Light in Water
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In March, 15 educators from across the Bay Area participated in an art + science integration workshop all about color, led by teacher educators from the de Young and the Academy.


Exploring Color in Art and Science

Educators spent the day investigating the question, "What colors are the earth and sky?".

The workshop integrated content related to middle school physical and life sciences with art practices. These activities were designed to help build students’ abilities to observe closely, develop questions, plan experiments, conduct investigations, and revise or re-envision based on their findings. Every participant left the workshop with a handcrafted notebook that cataloged their experiences, as well as lesson resources and time to explore the galleries at each museum.

The Academy's Teacher Education program has been co-developing art + science workshops with the de Young for 8 years. Typically, these workshops are focused on the thinking skills that are central to the disciplines of art and science. Soon, we will be launching a website that hosts all of our co-developed curriculum. Keep an eye out for that announcement!

Some highlights from the workshop evaluations completed by participating teachers:

  • "[The most personally engaging experience was] seeing the blend of art and science!"
  • "Excellent. A great job as usual. Thank you for your time and thoughtful work."
  • "Great hands-on project to help [my students] understand light."

Stay tuned -- we'll be sharing curriculum related to Art + Science connections in upcoming months!

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