Art & Science lessons

Explore lessons integrating art and science from the de Young and the California Academy of Sciences.

Why Art + Science?

Artists and scientists are often viewed as opposites; the intuitive, expressive artist and the orderly, rational scientist are common stereotypes, and the imaginative nature of art is seen as being at odds with the factual nature of science. However, a comparison of these two fields highlights aspects of each that are often overlooked, such as the underlying rigor of art and the essential creativity of science. Examining the thinking skills involved in each field reveals genuine connections and synergies.

Art & Science Lessons for the Classroom

We partner with the de Young each year to provide professional development for Bay Area educators that integrates the thinking skills of artists and scientists. The resulting lessons for the classroom provide students of all ages with opportunities to explore how these two fields both rely upon observation, inquiry, and creativity.

Lesson grade levels: K-6
Time needed: 30 minutes to a full day

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