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Starting September 30, you can marvel at nearly 400 dazzling specimens from the Academy's geology collection! Plan a field trip for the fall 2016 semester to take advantage of our newest exhibit gallery on Level 3.

Our Newest Gallery Opens Friday, September 30

Do you remember the old Gems & Minerals Hall at the Academy? We've brought these collections back on display, in a whole new light!

In this colorful exhibit, touch sparkling specimens, see a giant quartz crystal up close, and discover minerals that glow fluorescent under UV light.

Some highlights include:

  • Learning about minerals in your everyday life, present in products from smartphones to toothpaste
  • Being inspired by the beauty and creativity of dazzling gems and decorative objects from our anthropology collection
  • Understanding how plants and animals also make minerals, and some marine organisms like diatoms, corals, sponges, and mollusks build their shells and skeletons out of them
  • Exploring why some minerals always stay true to their color, but others vary based on the presence of other elements or minerals

To find the gallery, you'll head up the staircase to Level 3!




Plan a Field Trip Before December...

We encourage teachers to sign up for a field trip during the fall semester, when crowds are much lighter.

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