• Sign welcomes students to Google Field Trip Day
    The theme this June is astronomy!
  • Students work in teams to solve this game about plate tectonics.
    Students work in teams to solve this game about plate tectonics.
  • Whoa! Are those rays and sharks in this lagoon?
    Whoa! Are those rays and sharks in this lagoon?
  • Free, healthy lunches for all. Thanks for your sponsorship, Google!
    Free, healthy lunches for all. Thanks for your sponsorship, Google!

This week, the Academy hosts five Google Field Trip Days for thousands of elementary and middle school students from Oakland Unified School District!

Google Field Trip Days for June 2016

With generous funding from Google, these special events include free admission, complimentary bus transportation, and healthy lunches for all kids and chaperones who attend!

To celebrate the end of the 2015-2016 school year, public schools from Oakland Unified School District were invited to apply for the program spanning five dates in early June. Demand was incredible: more than 85 classes from 21 schools applied!

To align with the Academy’s newest Planetarium show, our education team determined that Astronomy would be the programmatic focus for this June’s events.

Before The Visit

How might you categorize these objects?

To prepare classes for their field trip, Academy educators connected virtually with over 200 students throughout the district in a new Distance Learning program called Impacts in the Solar Systems. During the 45 minute program, 3rd–5th graders used hands-on materials to investigate the smaller objects in our solar system and how they are affected by impacts.

Throughout the investigation, teachers and students wrote in a chat box to communicate students' ideas and observations, asking questions as appropriate and citing evidence for their claims. In this way, the programs facilitated cross-classroom learning, providing a unique opportunity for students to grapple together with understanding scientific concepts even when they are in different schools.

Today at the Academy

In line with the astronomical theme, all students watched our newest planetarium show, Incoming!, which explores how asteroid and comets have shaped Earth’s history. Students also worked in small groups to complete the Space Rocks! Scavenger Hunt assignment at their leisure, taking them past the T. Rex, to the “moon rock,” to the spinning globe in the Earthquake exhibit, and even all the way up to the Naturalist Center on Level 3 to touch real meteorites!

As they explored the Rainforest, Aquarium, and African Hall, groups took time to stop by docent carts and partake in public presentations, such as the Galaxy of Worlds show hosted by specialists from the Planetarium.

Which public schools in Oakland attended this June?

On June 1, 2, 3, 6, and 7, we welcome 3rd-12th graders from Oakland Unified School District. Listed in alphabetical order, schools in attendance included…

  • Community United Elementary
  • East Oakland Pride
  • East Oakland PRIDE Elementary
  • EnCompass Academy Elementary
  • Esperanza Elementary
  • Fruitvale Elementary
  • Futures Elementary
  • Garfield Elementary
  • Global Family
  • Hoover Elementary
  • Howard Elementary
  • International Community
  • Korematsu Discovery Academy
  • Laurel Elementary
  • Manzanita Community School
  • Manzanita SEED
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
  • Melrose Leadership Academy
  • Parker Elementary
  • Roosevelt Middle School
  • Roots International Academy

Teachers have a lot to say!

Here's what teachers are already emailing us!

"Having the Planetarium viewing was wonderful, please continue to include that. Everything went extremely smoothly from pick up to return at school. Our kids are extremely diverse, speak lots of different languages, and rarely get outside of Oakland. Every second of the trip was a new and awesome experience for all of the kids." - 6th & 7th Grade, Roosevelt Middle School

"Thanks so much for making it possible for our students to make it out there from Oakland!" - 6th Grade, Parker Elementary

As we wait for more feedback, read some reflections from teachers participating in the events Google sponsored in September 2016:

“Most of my students had not been to the California Academy of Sciences. The students really enjoyed it. Without the free transportation and entry fee, exposure to this wonderful place would not have been possible.” -Hoover Elementary

“My students loved the Academy! One student said that she wanted to live there. Some of my students have never been to San Francisco and they appreciated this opportunity so much. They were engaged and responsible throughout the day. I was so impressed with them.” – Global Family School

“I'll never forget the sustained atmosphere of wonder my kids participated in. They moved from exhibit to exhibit, even more excited about each in turn. And they learned so much! They keep coming up to me to tell me about connections with what we saw and with their lives.” - Bret Harte Middle School

“This Field Trip was extremely memorable for students. They were in awe the entire time we were there. They loved seeing the different animals and exhibits. They especially had a blast with the earthquake museum and the mating call dances in the Color of Life exhibit. I saw giant smiles on the faces of my students all throughout the day.” - Roosevelt Middle School

“Thanks to Google for providing this experience to our students. For some of the parent chaperones, it was their first time visiting the California Academy of Science and many plan on returning with their children. Some of the students plan on asking their parents to bring them back.” - International Community School

Thanks to our sponsor at Google

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Overall, Google Field Trip Days for June 2016 are slated to serve more than 2,200 students and 450 adult chaperones, providing an unbelievable experience for thousands of Oakland residents.

Thanks to Google for the gift!

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