Educators can now get the California Academy of Sciences' newest original planetarium show about asteroids and comets for free!  Stream the show straight from our website or request a classroom copy on USB.

About The Film


Length: 25 minutes
Appropriate for: Grades 6-12
Languages: Closed Captions available in over a dozen different languages, including Spanish and Chinese.
​NGSS Connections for High School: ESS1.C, Stability and Change, Constructing Explanations

Asteroids, Comets, and the Hard-Hitting Stories of Our Cosmic Origins
Scientists aren't waiting for asteroids and comets to come to us to learn more about them—get an up-close look at spacecraft sent to rocky asteroids and icy comets to collect invaluable data. You’ll follow the trek of the Chelyabinsk meteor as it entered the Earth's atmosphere in 2013 and visualize major shifts in the history of the Solar System billions of years in the making—and all in under an hour.

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