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The Academy Insider is our free iPhone app museum guide. The app lets you browse a list of Academy exhibits, see what events and programs are happening, explore the museum using themed scavenger hunts, and more.

Exhibits and Locations

How do I get to the Aquarium? What goes on in the Project Lab? Where is the nearest restroom?

The Academy Insider app not only lists our exhibits, but offers step by step directions on how to get there (location finder must be turned on).

Find Activities

Shall we catch a penguin feeding, or linger in the rainforest?

The Academy Insider app lists the events for each day, including presentations on the main floor and Planetarium showings. If you want a deeper challenge, try one of our scavenger hunts!

And More!

Use the Academy Insider app to buy tickets, become a member, find a place for lunch, and plan your next outing to Nightlife, our 21+ event every Thursday night.

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