Pillar Point BioBlitz - July, 2014

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The Academy is hosting a free workshop, "How to Host a Grassroots Bioblitz" on March 6 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The next day you will have a chance to see what you have learned in action during a bioblitz in Eastern Golden Gate Park!

What is a "grassroots" bioblitz and who is this workshop for?

A bioblitz focuses on documenting as many species as possible within a location in a given amount of time. Although traditionally this is done by scientists over a 24-hour period, "grassroots" bioblitzes of the type hosted by the Academy, in conjunction with organizations like Nerds for Nature, are 4-8 hours long and open to anyone who would like to come and find as many species as they can. Participants document their species and locations using smartphones and iNaturalist.

Grassroots bioblitzes are a great way to engage people in their local parks and encourage close observation of one's surroundings. The March 6 workshop will guide you in how to create a bioblitz project and discuss best practices.

The workshop will be especially useful for land managers, educators who conduct place-based education programs, scientists needing a biodiversity baseline or help documenting species in a particular place, or volunteer group coordinators.

After the workshop, enjoy free admission to the Academy. Then plan on taking part in the Eastern Golden Gate Park Bioblitz the following day!


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