Junipero Serra Park

Photo: Michael Fraley

Join San Mateo County Parks, the Sequoia Audubon Society, and the California Academy of Sciences for a bioblitz at Junipero Serra Park! We'll explore all of the different species of birds, plants, mammals, fish, invertebrates, reptiles, and more that the park has to offer.

We'll meet on Saturday, March 25th at 8:45 AM at the Bay View Shelter in the Park. There you will check-in and enjoy some snacks. The "Blitzing" will begin at 9 AM. From there several teams will split up for about 3 hours to explore entire sections of the park!

We'll finish within the park at 12:00 PM and will have our "Wrap-Up" session. At the Wrap-Up you'll have an opportunity to upload your findings to iNaturalist and discuss with experts about the different species you found while learning more about our partnering organizations!


What is a bioblitz?

A bioblitz is an intensive one-day study of biodiversity in a specific location, bringing professional scientists and amateur citizen scientists together. Together, we’ll look for snails, salamanders, birds, butterflies, other insects, spiders, trees, worms, flowers, and everything else we can find!

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Who can participate?

Our bioblitzes are open to anyone and are family-friendly. Just bring your smartphone with the iNaturalist app, your curiosity, and your powers of observation to help catalog the natural wonders of our parks and open spaces.

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