Whats the deal with fossil fuels?

Looking for media-rich educational resources on energy?  Look no further! The California Academy of Sciences has released another unit in the Flipside Science series: Exploring Energy: Designing a Brighter Future.

Exploring Energy: About This Unit

Energy is an important part of our everyday lives. We use energy to cook, get around, and send emails. In this unit, we'll explore the issues associated with fossil fuels and how people are coming up with innovative sustainable energy alternatives for a brighter future.

Included in this unit (all resources are freely available online)

  • 5 short videos covering topics from fossil fuels to renewable energy technologies and more
  • Resources for class discussions including video discussion questions and student vocabulary guides
  • 4 accompanying lesson plans connected to the NGSS and incorporating Common Core Math and English Language Arts standards
  • Science texts for close reading on various energy technologies

Flipside Science

Flipside Science is a series created by the California Academy of Sciences featuring media-rich units for educators looking to engage their students in design thinking activities around environmental issues.  Designed for a middle school audience, but applicable to high school, this series combines short videos hosted by Academy youth with activities connected to the NGSS.  Check out our other units on food and water.

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