Science Notebook Corner, a resource for educators using or looking to use science notebooks in their classrooms, now features Strategies for Notetaking.  Learn how students can make their own meaning through notetaking, from drawing concept maps to unpacking complex vocabulary.

Strategies for Notetaking

Taking notes in science doesn't mean just copying what's on the board. These strategies will support your students before, after, and in-between hands-on investigations:


Brainstorming is a great first step to many investigations.

Active Reading Strategies
Have you used notebooks to help your students understand science texts?

Scaffolds for Field Trips
Use notebooks to help students learn actively during field trips

Vocabulary Strategies
Notebooks can help build one's understanding of scientific terms.  But should you frontload vocabulary, or not?

These strategies will support students as they describe differences and similarities.

Science Mapping
Students can map concepts in the notebook to make their understanding visible.

What is Science Notebook Corner?

The California Academy of Sciences' teacher professional development team has been helping educators improve their teaching practice using science notebooks since 2009.  Science Notebook Corner is an online space featuring easy-to-implement strategies and lessons for educators who want to bring science notebooking into their classrooms.

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