What's the different between weather and climate? How do we know the climate is changing? Scientists will give you the inside scoop in these new Flipside Science videos from the California Academy of Sciences.

About the Videos

The California Academy of Sciences has produced two new videos for the Flipside Science Exploring Energy collection:

How to Measure a Changing Climate
In this video, you'll hear from scientists who each study a different aspect of the earth's climate system.  Learn what kind of data they collect, how they collect it, and how uncertainties in data don't mean we are uncertain the climate is changing. Engage your students in the classroom with video discussion questions, and check out the curated collection of climate datasets and teaching resources to further enhance your students' learning. NGSS DCIs: MS-ESS2.D, MS-ESS3.D

The Climate is Changing but How's the Weather?
What's the difference between weather and climate?  In this video, climate scientists and meteorologists unpack this question and discuss how understanding and predicting both is important for keeping us safe now and in the future.  Engage your students in the classroom with video discussion questions, or dive deeper with explorations into the connections between hurricanes and a changing climate. NGSS DCIs: MS-ESS2.D, MS-ESS3.D

About Flipside Science

Citizen science

Flipside Science is a series created by the California Academy of Sciences featuring media-rich units for educators looking to engage their students in design thinking activities around environmental issues. Designed for a middle school audience, but applicable to high school, this series combines short videos hosted by Academy youth with activities connected to the NGSS. Check out all of our units on foodwaterenergyand ocean health.

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