One Less Straw campaign

Take the pledge to go strawless for 30 days!

About the OneLessStraw Campaign

The OneLessStraw campaign strives to educate the public about the dangers of single use plastic straws, its effects on our health, our environment, and our oceans.

Did you know that plastic constitutes 90% of all trash floating in the world's oceans? Or that over 6 million straws and stirrers were picked up during annual beach clean-up events in the last 25 years?

500 million plastic straws are used and discarded every day in the United States alone. That’s 175 billion a year filtering into landfills and littering the oceans.


How You Can Help

  • Take the OneLessStraw Pledge and Simply Straws will send you a coupon for a free glass reusable drinking straw.
  • Encourage your favorite business or school to take the pledge and to only provide plastic straws on request. Also ask for them to use biodegradable or reusable options.
  • Become a Sponsor of the OneLessStraw pledge campaign.

Join the OneLessStraw campaign in helping eliminate plastic drinking straws from our landfills, streams, oceans, and beaches! Schools across the nation and around the world are encouraged to participate in this program. Students are encouraged not only to take the pledge, but to speak with their favorite restaurant and ask them to participate by signing a pledge stating they promise to only hand out straws upon request for 30 days.

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