This October JASON Student and Teacher Argonauts will be joining a BioBlitz expedition in the rainforest of Malaysia — and you can follow their research and experiences every day through the JASON website and social media channels!

About the Penang BioBlitz

Between October 16-27, dozens of scientists from across the globe will be doing a massive survey on the bugs, plants, animals, and trees to better understand the pristine ecosystem in and around Penang Hill. Their work will help conserve this important resource, and could lead to a UNESCO World Heritage designation.


How You Can Participate

You and your students can join in on this virtual expedition! The expedition team will be sharing videos, virtual 360s, pictures, and posts every day, and will be working with the science teams to answer as many of your questions as they can from the rainforest.

Share your email address with the team, and they'll make sure you're up-to-date before and during the October expedition. Classrooms can also follow along on their Facebook page.

Lesson: Discovering Rainforest Locations

Rainforest locations

In this activity, students will compare maps showing worldwide temperature, precipitation, biodiversity, and soil nutrition levels to predict where on our planet rainforests are located. 
Grade levels: 4-8  Activity time: 60 minutes

Map credit: SEDAC

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