Sonoma coast

Photo by David Berry

Join Sonoma County Parks and the California Academy of Sciences in the fourth of a series of Sonoma County grassroots bioblitzes!

Carrington Coast Ranch offers 335 acres of sweeping views of Bodega Head, Salmon Creek, and the Sonoma Coast from meadows, grasslands, historic springs, ancient Cypress trees, unique canyons, and rolling hills on both sides Coleman Valley Road. A former dairy ranch, there are numerous photogenic historic buildings (homesteads and barns) awaiting restoration on the property.

A bioblitz is an intensive one-day study of biodiversity in a specific location, bringing scientists and volunteer citizen-scientists together. Together, we’ll look for snails, birds, mammals, frogs, butterflies, other insects, spiders, trees, worms, flowers, and everything else we can find!

Our bioblitzes are open to anyone and are family-friendly. Just bring your smartphone with the iNaturalist app, your curiosity, and your powers of observation to help catalog the natural wonders of our parks and open spaces.

Encouraging your students to participate in bioblitzes with their families and friends is a great way to help them connect to your classroom units on ecosystems, biodiversity, and conservation. Or, round up some chaperons and bring your entire class on a bioblitz field trip.

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