A teacher holds a globe.

Get ready to engage with activities for your science classroom (grades 4–12) and explore the integration of earth systems science into your curriculum.

NGSS STEM Conference 2020

Presented by Exploratorium Teacher Institute and the Institute for Inquiry

All Systems Go! Investigating Earth Systems Science in All Science Classrooms

Systems science is all around us! From weather and climate to the dynamic cycles churning away beneath our feet, earth systems science connects to all scientific disciplines. Viewing your science classes through a systems lens can help students make connections between the sciences and understand the deep relationship between humans and the natural world, as outlined in the CA NGSS and the California’s Environmental Principles and Concepts.

This one-day conference will feature:

  • A keynote
  • Your choice of three hands-on workshops
  • Catered breakfast and lunch
  • Access to workshop materials online
  • One semester unit of Continuing Education credit available for a reasonable fee

Registration is now open and costs $50. A 50% discount is available for teachers at Title I schools.

A limited number of travel stipends are available, so register early!


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