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At the Academy, we take feedback seriously. Our teacher professional development team is committed to having every participant leave our workshops feeling empowered to teach more and better science.  Below we've shared some of the feedback—both positive and constructive—that we received in 2015.

Quotes from Exit Tickets

At each workshop—whether one-day, three days, or a week—Academy staff distribute exit tickets asking for "+, ∆, ?" feedback. We take feedback seriously, so our team adjusts subsequent days to address outstanding issues.

The following are examples of teacher exit ticket feedback given during our three-day Crosscutting Concepts workshop delivered July 26-28, 2016.

What was helpful today?

  • This was an amazing 3 days! I feel so much better about using the CCCs and really understand why they are an essential part of teaching kids to think like scientists.
  • I have come to realize that the CCCs are a way to ensure that lessons and activities are thorough and robust. They make you think of angles and perspectives that normally you wouldn't.
  • Wonderful activities to share with my administration, staff, and students! Thumbs up for the thumb drive! :)
  • Great lesson plans. Integration of CCCs was made very clear. A calm, supportive learning environment.
  • I learned a lot about the CCCs in an anxiety-reducing way.
  • This workshop was very rewarding with wonderful activities that help students connect with the CCCs. I learned a great deal of what the CCC is.
  • I know this is probably not that helpful but ALL of it. I love the way you begin each CCC with a story!
  • Introducing each CCC with a science story.
  • Thank you for the music and games and stories and activities. I got a lot of good ideas. I also learned about how to train teachers well. You are EXCELLENT teachers. Giving us time to come up with lessons was so important.-Developed good community in 3 days.
  • Thank you!!!! :) This was a wonderful 3 days. I appreciated collaborating with teachers from different schools - and different grade levels! Everything was so well organized and developed. Great mix of discussion, hands-on activities, brief lectures, and development. You guys were amazing!
  • Thanks for the smooth facilitation! I loved the stories, activities, and the bonus jokes.
  • Awesome 3-day workshop! Today's presentation was very helpful in synthesizing how to integrate the CCCs into our lesson planning.
  • Very well prepared and organized. Very little wasted time, but not rushed.

What would you change?

  • Talk the Academy into letting us in earlier so we get a chance to explore the exhibits.
  • The chairs.
  • Perhaps have each group presentation record their poster digitally so that everybody has a copy. 

Do you have any outstanding questions?

  • Can you please come to Oklahoma? LOL! This was an incredible opportunity for us! Thank you so much!
  • How best can I inspire other teachers and administrators in my district and school site about the Next Gen?
  • How do we integrate the 3 NGSS strands?

The following are examples of teacher exit ticket feedback given during our one-day Intro to the NGSS workshop delivered on September 19 and 26, 2015.

What was helpful today?

  • I finally understand how to read and dissect the standards! Thank you so much!
  • I thought the workshop was an excellent into to NGSS. I have had very minimal experience with NGSS, and I feel much more comfortable with exploring and learning what specific NGSS outcomes/objectives are.
  • It was helpful to discuss how we would actually employ these practices in our own classrooms. I enjoyed all activities and discussions...especially the brainstorm.
  • Learning about the scientific and engineering practices with awesome experiments that I can/will definitely use in my class. Integration of the important of the cultural background of our students.
  • The deconstruction method of explaining the NGSS really helped me understand the standards (loved the baking cake metaphor). Made seeing the NGSS in a more tangible lens.
  • Presenters were clear, patient, organized = excellent!

What would you change?

  • I don't think there should be any changes. I really enjoyed the hands-on activities to help explain.
  • More time toward shifting our current practices (a lot of people asked "Well, how would I do ____ differently?")
  • More grade-level discussion/grouping would be nice.
  • Tailored to grade levels versus K-12.

Do you have any outstanding questions?

  • I have so many questions about NGSS implementation: what are the future assessment plans? When will curriculum be designed?
  • I am nervous/excited to see what NGSS looks like in any one specific high school course.
  • It wasn't very clear how the standards will be divided in high school.

Quotes from Post-Surveys

  • The workshop facilitators have been a joy to study with. They are warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and take an interest in helping teachers learn and grow.
  • The presenters were professional and knowledgeable. It was a terrific learning experience and worth every minute. I would encourage anyone to participate in any in-service provided by this staff. We will be back for additional instructional experiences.
  • My students love science as a direct result of the training and support I've received from the Academy of Sciences.
  • The lesson plans and activities I gain from the teacher workshops are in line with the standards I'm supposed to be teaching, and teach science in an active, engaging way. They help students develop critical thinking skills instead of just reading, memorizing, repeating skills.
  • My experience at the teacher workshop directly impacted my ability to teach the material to my students and increased student engagement, excitement, and understanding.
  • I can't believe that a 2-day workshop costs me only $35.00! Thank you so much. I have limited funds and would otherwise not be able to attend these valuable training sessions.
  • The resources that Cal Academy offers are invaluable for improving science education in the Bay Area, and holding science education to high standards.
  • Every workshop I have attended at CAS has been valuable in many ways. CAS workshops are a significant part of my professional development as a teacher of science. As a source for ideas and content, CAS provides teachers with resources that are supportive and stimulating.
  • Very worthwhile. I have been teaching and attending workshops on the east coast for 20 years and the CAS workshops are among the most inspiring.
  • The information and experiences provided by your workshops are invaluable in that they provide the opportunity for me to learn from and with educators I normally would not have the opportunity to in the professional development my school provides.
  • The workshops and PD I have participated in at the Academy (including the TISS program) are truly the best PD experiences that I have had in my 12 years of teaching. They are led by smart, interesting, knowledgeable people who have reinvigorated my interest in science and in teaching.
  • This was an excellent program designed with teachers in mind to plan and develop our understanding of the new science standards. I have enjoyed and learned so much from every workshop I have attended at the Academy.
  • The NGSS workshop not only helped me feel comfortable with the new standards, I've been able to act as an "expert" with teachers I work with who haven't had time to explore the website or haven't heard of NGSS.

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