CCG CryoCollection

The CCG CryoCollection houses purified DNA extractions, DNA primers, and various genomic libraries such as cDNA preps, RADseq, and whole genome preps.

The Academy’s Freezer Room houses the Academy's frozen tissue collection and the CCG's DNA CryoCollection. With ten -80 degree freezers, ten -20 degree freezers, and five Taylor Wharton 40K liquid nitrogen freezers (capacity for 200,000 2mL cryotubes), the room is outfitted with ambient temperature control and alarms, freezer alarm systems for each freezer, and 24/7 diesel power back-up should a power outage occur in the building or San Francisco.

By storing quantified genomic extractions from our valuable tissue collections and making them available to fellow scientists, we minimize the amount of freeze/thaw cycles that tissue collections must endure each time they are sampled for loan requests. This will ultimately enhance the longevity of our frozen tissue collections.


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