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What did educators share with us about the professional development and educational resources the Academy made this year?

Just a taste...

While it's difficult to select just one quote from a satisfied teacher, we've pulled a few below.  We have hundreds of quotes; you can browse at will!

Distance Learning

  • I am always looking for free resources. My curriculum is seriously out of date, so I often have to find online resources or spend my own money on science materials. I'm grateful that Cal Academy offers different programs and resources that are aligned to Next Gen standards and are available at low or no cost. Please keep providing these experiences for students. The Skulls presentation was more than I ever could have done in the classroom and fit in perfectly with what we have been learning (animal habitats, adaptations, food chains).

Professional Development

  • The presenters were professional and knowledgeable. It was a terrific learning experience and worth every minute. I would encourage anyone to participate in any in-service provided by this staff. We will be back for additional instructional experiences.

Habitat Earth in the Classroom

  • I will use Habitat Earth with the third grade ecosystem standard. I think it will be the main part of the curriculum and add to it as I find more lessons. The video had good vocabulary for the unit and show the students how animals are dependent on one another. The hands on activities (Habitat match up; raptor migrations) I found will be good for showing the students the importance of making models and predictions.

Flipside Science

  • It can be tough find videos and media that are "cool" and not outdated. Flipside is solution oriented, and calls upon students to use critical thinking--both of which are exactly what we need to create future leaders.

Teacher Institute (TISS)

  • TISS has changed me as a teacher. I'm far more capable and confident that I will be able to lead my students through science related topics and sustain an environment that promotes higher level thinking and discussions

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