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A heliconian butterfly drinks caiman tears. Photo by Wim van den Heever

From spectacular videos and photography to data visualizations and infographics, bioGraphic publishes all-new, cutting-edge science content biweekly.

This month:

  • "Ghosts of the Everglades"
    Clinging to survival in shrinking swamps, ghost orchids are so elusive that their pollinators have remained unknown—until now.
  • "Handle With Care"
    For pangolins, one of the most heavily persecuted creatures on the planet, protection sometimes requires a very hands-on approach.
  • "Raised in Rice Fields"
    California’s Chinook salmon have been losing habitat to agriculture for decades. Now, they’re getting a much-needed boost from strategically flooded fields.

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Two giant Australian cuttlefish engage in a tangled mating ritual. Photo by Justin Gillian

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