IMG_0039Photo: Lila Garza © California Academy of Sciences


The California Academy of Sciences' new Built for Speed exhibit, presented through September 29, 2013,  examines the physical adaptations and characteristics of various ocean animals as they relate to speed and movement.


Here in the Naturalist Center, we are highlighting ocean motion and animal locomotion. We have created an underwater highway system illustrating the ocean currents that various animals use to get around. Sailfish, sharks and other fast-lane movers may use surface currents to increase their speed while whales, turtles and other long-haul travelers use deeper ocean currents to carry them long distances. Seafloor travelers often move up and down through the water column. You can learn about the anatomy and travel habits of ocean animals by using the materials available at our craft table to make an animal of your choice and add it to our highway. Set your animal friend on a summer road-trip adventure under the sea!


You can learn more about marine animal anatomy and behavior at our Specimen Spotlight program, "Speedy Species," Saturday afternoons at 2:00 in the Naturalist Center.





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