Growing Up Asian in America:

Science and the World Around You, 2012 Our Oceans Contest


“Saving Our Oceans One Stroke at a Time” by Sophie Fu

Growing Up Asian in America is an annual essay and art contest sponsored by the Asian Pacific Fund. This year the California Academy of Sciences jointly sponsored a science essay and art contest around the theme of “Our Oceans.” All students in grades 6–8, regardless of ancestry, were eligible to enter. This contest was made possible through the generosity of Loretta Huahn and the support of the Oakland and San Francisco Public Libraries.

On November 10, 2012, the contest winners and their families came to the Academy for an awards ceremony. After the ceremony, the winners went to the Naturalist Center to pick a marine specimen to display with their work. Be sure to check out these awesome essays and artwork, plus specimens, on display in the Naturalist Center. The displays will be on exhibit until January 25th.

The winners:

Sophie Fu, 1st Place, artwork: “Saving Our Oceans One Stroke at a Time” (displayed image)

Divya Prakash, 1st Place, essay: “Letter from an Ocean”

Emily Zhao, 2nd Place, artwork: “Saving the Oceans with Kids’ Power”

Hender Lin, 2nd Place, essay: “The Shark Fin’s Dilemma”

Gloria Fung, 3rd Place, artwork: “We All Live in One Ocean”

Logan Dong, 3rd Place, essay: “I am Asian American”

Nancy Li, Honorable Mention, untitled artwork

Kiana Hu, Honorable Mention, essay: “Ocean Waves”

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