Claude, the Academy's American alligator with albinism, in the swamp exhibit

Swamp Talk
Daily, 3:30 pm
The Swamp

Learn about the vitally important wetland ecosystems of the Southeast United States with Claude, our American alligator with albinism! Listen to the sounds of swamp inhabitants as the life cycle of North America's largest reptile is traced from hatchling chirps to the booming bellows of mature adults, all beneath the moss-draped limbs of a bald cypress.

About the Swamp

Claude the alligator with albinism smiles for the camera

The Swamp is best known as the home of Claude, the startlingly white Alligator mississippiensis who's become one of the Academy's most famous residents. Go below for underwater, eye-to-eye views of Claude and the Swamp's other creatures, then explore surrounding tanks filled with fearsome-looking alligator gars and a fascinating array of reptiles, arachnids, and amphibians.