Blue butterfly by Tim Wong

How can bringing back one butterfly make a difference to local ecosystems and other habitats across the state?

Close-up of green tree frog on a branch

Dr. Rayna Bell's work reaches far beyond the frogs she studies on this West African island nation.

What do frogs see? Why do they have different colors? How are new species formed?

Maricela Abarca

The coronavirus has changed how we live, work, and think. View the pandemic through the eyes of our scientists.

GIF of an annual Acropora coral spawning event at the California Academy of Sciences

Baby coral alert! Academy curator Rebecca Albright shares the news of her lab's recent coral spawning event.

Academy scientists describe fishing spider, a venomous aquatic species that eats prey like fish and tadpoles.

Peter Roopnarine and his team are modeling the past and present, using fossils to fast forward to the future.

Two African penguin chicks sit with their biologist

Discover why a program to breed African penguins is essential to ensure success for the endangered species.

During a tidepool survey this year, the Academy's citizen science team encountered a pink-toothed mystery.

Founded by Academy arachnologist Dr. Lauren Esposito, 500QS celebrates LGBTQ+ professionals in STEM fields.


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