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October is Members’ Month!

We’re honored to spend the month of October celebrating and thanking our members for their ongoing, vital support of the California Academy of Sciences. Explore this page to see what's in store, from exhibit previews to exclusive virtual programs to deep discounts on dining, tours, and more.


Member exhibit preview

Photo of kangaroo and joey in burned eucalyptus plantation by Jo-Anne McArthur

BigPicture Natural World Photography
Friday, October 15 | All day*

Each year, the Academy's renowned BigPicture Photography Competition celebrates some of the world’s best photographers and the year’s most striking images. An exhibit of 49 top images from the 2021 competition will open to the public on October 16, 2021, with a special member preview on October 15.

*Timed tickets required for entry to the museum; once you’re in the museum, you may visit the exhibit at your convenience.



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Reap the rewards of your membership with even more savings during Members’ Month, including:


Special online programs

Person dressed as detective looks at animal skull with a hand lens

Member Program: Skull Mystery Theater
Tuesday, October 5 | 3 pm PT 
For ages 4-11

Need an after-school treat? Test your detective skills and become the ultimate skull science sleuth during this exciting, interactive theater program. Follow a colorful character and use clues to investigate the fascinating mystery of a skull.

Artist conception of the James Webb Space Telescope

Member Program: The Next Generation Space Telescope
Thursday, October 14 | 11 am PT
For adults

The Hubble Space Telescope has provided us with decades of discoveries—but what's next? NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), launching soon, promises a vastly different view of the Universe. Join planetarium director Ryan Wyatt on a virtual tour of JWST and a look into the past and future of space-based astronomy.

Image credit: NASA GSFC/CIL/Adriana Manrique Gutierrez

Sharks for Kids book cover by David McGuire

Member Program: Sharks for Kids (& Adults, Too!)
Wednesday, October 20 | 2 pm PT
For all ages

David McGuire, research associate at the Academy, executive director of Shark Stewards, and author of new book Sharks For Kids: A Junior Scientist’s Guide to Great Whites, Hammerheads, and Other Sharks in the Sea, will share eye-opening shark facts, jaw-dropping photographs from his book, and in-depth updates on shark conservation efforts around the world.

Claude the alligator with albinism basks on his rock with his mouth open

Member Program: Breakfast at the Swamp
Wednesday, October 27 | 8:30 am PT
For all ages

Ever wonder what it’s like to have breakfast with an alligator? Well, you’re in luck: This month, we’re hosting a very special members-only feeding with Academy icon Claude, our alligator with albinism, and the many other creatures that live in the Swamp. In this live program, engage with Academy biologists in an interactive Q&A!


Special activities

A boy wears a hand-made paper crown featuring a coral reef scene

Enjoy a slew of extra hands-on Science @ Home activities designed just for Academy members ages 4-8.