Lectures at the California Academy of Sciences

New Exhibit!
Friday, July 31November 2, 2015

Starting this summer, explore BigPicture—the Academy’s major photography exhibit—and experience the power of a single moment to tell some of the planet’s most important conservation stories. Featuring the work of award-winning nature, wildlife, and conservation photographers from around the world, the exhibit will display winning images from the Academy’s second-annual BigPicture Natural World Photography Competition, using photography as a means to celebrate and illustrate the rich diversity of life on Earth and inspire action to protect and conserve it. For more information about the competition and exhibit, please visit bigpicturecompetition.org.

BigPicture Seminar with Neil Osborne
Featuring Neil Osborne, Conservation Photographer, Editor, and Educator
​Saturday, August 1 | 1 – 3 pm
| Academy Boardroom
By combining nature photography with the issue-oriented approach of documentary photography, conservation photography becomes a tool for change. Celebrate the July 31 exhibition opening of BigPicture, displaying our 2015 contest winners, with this interactive seminar. Learn how to build alliances, raise funds, and influence policy from Neil Osborne, whose work has been published by industry, government, and civil society collaborators for over a decade. This seminar will introduce you to the conservation photography discipline and challenge you to think about putting your photography to work for a bigger cause. Sign up today!

Benjamin Dean Astronomy Lecture
The Evolution of Galaxies and Black Holes
Rachel Somerville, Downsbrough Chair in Astrophysics Department of Physics & Astronomy, Rutgers University
Monday, August 3 at 7:30 pm
| Morrison Planetarium
Astrophysicists have strong evidence that in the hearts of many—perhaps all—massive galaxies lurk supermassive black holes with masses millions to billions times the mass of our Sun. These black holes grow by gobbling up stars and gas that fall into the center of their host galaxies. In this special evening event, Somerville will explain the observational evidence that supermassive black holes exist, and that they power quasars, some of the most luminous objects in the Universe. Guests will explore how galaxies form and evolve over cosmic time and how supermassive black holes shape the incredible galaxy properties that we can observe.
Tickets: General $12, Seniors $10, Members $8. Seating is limited and advanced ticketing is required. To purchase tickets, visit www.calacademy.org/lectures or call (877) 227-1831.

Bay Area H2O
August 14-15 | 10 am – 4 pm

What does the drought mean for the Bay Area’s people, plants, and animals? Join this special two-day conversation on our museum floor, and learn how the drought impacts local lives.

Teen Science Night (Ages 13-18)
Friday, August 14 | 6:30 – 9 pm

Join the Academy’s youth community for a non-stop night of science excitement. Free event. Pre-registration is required. Visit calacademy.org/teenevents during July for details and sign-ups.

Family Nature Crafts
Saturday and Sundays | 10 am – noon
Aquarium elevators on L1
Spark creativity with nature-inspired crafts, including beautiful leaf insects and python masks! Recommended for all ages. Adult supervision required.

Behind-the-Scenes Academy Tour (Ages 8+)
M-F | 11 am and 2 pm
Weekends |
11 am, 2 pm, and 3:30 pm

Explore the Academy like an insider! In one exciting hour, you’ll walk among whale bones on the living roof, examine our breathtaking research collections and working labs, and delight in the sparkling sights of geology specimens in our high-security Vault. Tickets: General $24.95, Members $19.95. Inquire at the Service Desk upon arrival, or visit www.calacademy.org/tours or call (415) 379-8000 for more information.

Behind-the-Scenes Aquarium Tour (Ages 8+)
M-F | 1 pm
Weekends |
10 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm
Learn more about Steinhart Aquarium and the 40,000 animals that call it home. Visit the food prep kitchen, see how we make our own salt water, and more—all as part of this exclusive, hour-long tour. Tickets: General $24.95, Members $19.95. Inquire at the Service Desk upon arrival, or visit www.calacademy.org/tours or call (415) 379-8000 for more information.

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