Claude is turning 28 years young on September 15! We'll honor our favorite alligator with albinism with a smorgasbord of tasty treats (including fresh trout!) and a special birthday edition of Swamp Talk. Thanks for celebrating with us—Claude (and his team of attentive Academy biologists) really feel the love!

Dear Claude
Happy #28 Hatchday Claude!!! We love you!!
From room 405 at Gomes Elementary School in Fremont
Happy Hatchday Claude!
We hope you have a wonderful month celebrating your hatchday and being super spoiled. We can’t wait to visit you soon!
Love, the B-C Family
To Hatching Day Boy Claude
Happiest of hatching days and have fun on your trip around SF. Watch out for the buffalos!
Love, Sandie, Pete and Hoglet
Happy hatchday, Claude
Wishing you a very happy day with lots of goodies and plenty of float time. You are the first one I look for when I visit the Academy. I was so surprised to learn that you weren’t “fake” the first time I saw you. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thought that.
Love, Pam (SAC Trainer)
Dearest Claude!
Happy birthday sir! We always look for you first thing when we visit "The Steinhart Aquarium ". King crab yes please!
Love, the Martins and Elanes
Hatchday Boy
Happy Hatchday, Claude! You have always been such a highlight and are a wonderful ambassador. We’re so happy to know you.
Love, the Bruno Family
To The Birthday Boy, Claude!
I love you so much I wanted to be you for Halloween one year! You are amazing and you’re the first thing I run to see at the Academy. It is so fun to watch you swim around. I hope you have a very special birthday and get lots of yummy treats!
Love, Darien M.
To Claude the white alligator in San Francisco
Dear Claude I just want to say that happy hatch day.
Love the family in Cupertino
Dear Claude,
Happy birthday have a wonderful day
Dear Claude
Happy Hatch Day! 28 never looked so good
Your friend Meggie
Dear Claude
Happy birthday
Love, Roy
Dear Claude
Happy Hatchday! We've watched you grow for almost 15 years now, and my daughter grew up drawing many pictures of you. You are our favorite albino reptile (we also miss LemonDrop) and we wish you many happy crunchy returns.
Love, the Adduci family
Handsome Claude!
Happy Hatchday! You are a beautiful addition to the Academy . My birthday is 1 day before your Hatchday, plus a few years before.
Love, Tama
My dear friend Claude!
I hope you are doing well on this wonderful day! Happy Hatchday to you and many more!! I look to visiting you soon.
Dear Claude
Happy hatchday! May you have many, many more!
Love, Rose and Wolf