Our eye-popping Sketchfab collections let you zoom, spin, and glide around 3D scans of over 700 scientific specimens—including over 150 mammal, reptile, and bird skulls.

See what you can learn about the animals behind the scans: By comparing a variety of characteristics—from tusks to eye sockets—you’ll learn more about how these creatures protect themselves and interact with the world.

California Skulls

California grizzly bear / CAS:MAM:5567

california grizzly bear skull

Scientific Name: Ursus arctos californicus

Age [Sex]:

Collection Date:

Locality: Marina P.O.

Higher Geography: North America, USA, California, Monterey Co.

Steller sea lion / CAS:MAM:23213

Sea lion

Scientific Name: Eumetopias jubatus

Age [Sex]: [M]

Collection Date: 27 Jul 1991

Locality: Point Reyes National Seashore, south end McClure’s Beach.

Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep / CAS:MAM:333

bighorn sheep skull

Scientific Name: Ovis canadensis sierrae, originally classified Ovis canadensis californiana

Age [Sex]: [F]

Collection Date: 23 Dec 1910

Locality: Big Pine

Compare antlers, horns, and tusks

Kirk's dik-dik / CAS:MAM:15413

dik-dik skull

Scientific Name: Madoqua kirki

Age [Sex]:

Collection Date:

Locality: Guaso Nyiro

Higher Geography: Africa, Kenya

Compare teeth shapes and sizes

Red kangaroo / CAS:MAM:30163

kangaroo skull

Scientific Name: Macropus rufus

Age [Sex]: Adult [M]

Locality: Burke Developmental Road, 97 km N of Cloncurry

Higher Geography: Australia, Australia, Queensland

Common wombat / CAS:MAM:26628

wombat skull

Scientific Name: Vombatus ursinus

Age [Sex]: adult [M]

Locality: Smiggen Holes, Rosciusko National Park.

Higher Geography: Australia, Australia, New South Wales

Compare eye-socket position and orientation

Lion / CAS:MAM:21446

lion skull

Scientific Name: Panthera leo

Age [Sex]: [M]

Collection Date: 1 Aug 1974

Locality: Kwhai River in Okavango Delta

Higher Geography: Africa, Botswana

Mandrill / CAS-MAM 15279

mandrill skull

Scientific name: Mandrillus sphinx

Collection date: 1969

Notes: Complete skeleton. Entirely fused vertebrae.

Dall sheep / CAS:MAM:4987

dall sheep skull

Scientific Name: Ovis dalli

Age [Sex]: [F]

Collection Date: 1922

Locality: 200 miles east of Teslin Lake

Higher Geography: North America, Canada, Yukon Territory

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