A large mammoth tooth, discovered in downtown San Francisco, is now on display at the Academy.
A group of high school interns at the Academy were among the scientists presenting at last week's AGU meeting.
The Academy's Moe Flannery juggles many duties at the Academy, including CSI Marine Mammals!
As Morrison Planetarium celebrates its sixtieth year, learn how the technology, storytelling and art make...
A new study by Academy scientist Zeray Alemseged determines that Lucy and her kin climbed trees.
Academy scientists detail the process of discovering and documenting new shark species.
What is killing domestic snakes? UCSF and Academy scientists solve the mystery.
Learn about what's causing the destruction of coral reefs and how you can help save these essential ecosystems.
The Academy's Dave Kavanaugh recently returned from a "painfully lush" valley in the Juneau Icefield.
What can the genes of three hunter-gatherer populations in Africa tell us about human origins?


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