San Francisco Bay Area City Nature Challenge, April 30 - May 3, 2021

Against all odds, this year's City Nature Challenge was a record-breaking success. Thanks to everyone who participated!

For the first time, the annual City Nature Challenge—one of the world’s largest community science events—has recorded over 1 million wildlife observations! Every observation made during the 4-day event, co-founded by the Academy, contributes important data to monitor and protect our planet’s biodiversity.


Exciting Bay Area observations

Long-nosed snake photo by Tony Iwane

More than 2,200 Bay Area residents racked up 32,100+ observations this year. The most-observed species? You guessed it: the California poppy (Eschscholzia californica). Other highlights include:

Long-nosed snake photo © Tony Iwane


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Additional resources

While the next City Nature Challenge isn't for another year, we encourage you to continue exploring, observing, and documenting the plants and animals around you—even inside your house!

Woman taking photo of ivy for iNaturalist

You don't need to venture too far from home to find exciting and surprising creatures! Download this PDF to get started.

Bingo card with Bay Area plants and animals

Download this PDF and see if you can find all 25 of these commonly observed Bay Area (plant and animal) neighbors.

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